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Meet Our Staff

Our faculty and staff are culturally diverse and their uniqueness and specialties will enhance all children’s languages. Our program is privileged to have a pedagogical team that consists of: An administrator who is in charge of orchestrating the dynamics and administration of the whole community (students, parents, teachers and staff). An “atelierista” and a “pedagogista” who work directly with the teachers and children developing specific projects and assisting them in the cultural and academic aspects of the curriculum and documentation. Our teachers and co-teachers who are constantly observing and documenting children’s languages as they reflect their development. Based upon this information, they plan an Emergent Curriculum.

Nido Teachers


Favorite Book: “The Little Prince” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: Creating that special bond with the children and receiving their love.


Favorite Book: “Brown Bear” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: To see the happiness in the faces of the children upon the discovery of new things and then see them slowly make connections with the already known.


Favorite Book: “The Sower and the Mustard seed” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: Being part of the children’s growth, to ensure they are able to do unimaginable things with just a little support and motivation.

PreK 2 Teachers


Favorite Book: “The Elephant and his Generosity” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: Learning about each of the children through their smiles and occurrences and seeing the world through their innocence.

Favorite Book: “El Patito Feo” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: I love to huge and greet the children and receive the same authenticity from them. I get to reinvent myself day by day thanks to them and their eagerness to learn. I may show my true self and have them show me who they are becoming without criticism nor judgment. Working with the best human beings in the world, Children.

Special Assistant

Favorite Book: “The Secret Garden” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: Recieving the children’s morning greetings.

Favorite Book: “La Sopa de Piedra” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: Before the simple things of the day to day my major payback is being in the best place a teacher may be, in the hearts of the students.

PreK 3 Teachers


Favorite Book: “The Giving Tree” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: Seeing the children come out of their shell and flourish into themselves.

Program Coordinator

PreK 4 Teachers


Favorite Book: “The very hungry caterpillar” Favorite Moment as a Teacher: The feeling of helping the children grow, seeing their innocence and helping them discover new things. Seeing them smile and witnessing them discover new things.

Special Assistant