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An Atelier is a space for children to create, explore, and express themselves artistically through many mediums. Children have access to multiple artistic tools and materials which children can use to create their own masterpiece. Our Atelier is equipped with paint, clay, paper, wire, beads, and a variety of natural and recycled materials. The materials are easily accessible to the children for their short and long-term projects with the purpose of expressing their Hundred Languages.


We have a fully-equipped commercial kitchen where we cook our lunch daily every day. We use all-natural ingredients and our produce is fresh. Children will be exposed to different types of food and we encourage them to taste it. The Kitchen will have a list of those children who have allergies, and this list is also posted in the Dining Room.

Dining Room

All of the children eat lunch in the Dining Room. We eat Family Style, with a teacher sitting at each table, who will serve each child their plate of food. And while we eat we talk about different things, such as how we have spent our day so far. After lunch we go to the playground to expend our energy before we take a nap.

Rita's Garden

Our children truly enjoy spending time in the garden and there are outstanding educational benefits for children when involved in gardening activities. They socialize and have fun while learning new skills and developing confidence by tending their plants and growing vegetables. Most children enjoy being outside, digging in the soil and getting dirty, and watching what they planted grow. They have access to tables to color or read a book, and a sand table. The children water the plants, sweep the walkway, and sit and enjoy the view of the lake and fountain.


Playgrounds provide an opportunity for free play which allows children to play any way they choose. They can explore according to his or her natural tendencies and allows them to learn from on another. When a child plays it stimulates brain development and function, therefor it is important to have many opportunities for gross motor activities. Our playground is cushioned for soft landings, the chickee hut is important for getting out of the sun, and there’s a designated area for those who like to ride bike.


Our Terrace is used for many different purposes, but mostly we use if for Gym Time. We use a very unique program of physical activity called Play, Learn, and Be Fit! This program teaches children the fundamentals of Yoga and Stretching. The children also learn breathing techniques when they feel they need to calm down and relax.