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About Us

Who We Are

“The Joy of Learning” encourages parent involvement in our Reggio Emilia inspired program. Our program, inspired on the “Reggio Emilia Approach,” places emphasis on documenting children’s experience and work because it contributes to a deep understanding of the way each child learns. Documentation makes it possible for parents to become intimately and deeply aware of their children’s experience in the school.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to defend and promote the potential of all children by providing them with developmentally appropriate and caring environment that supports children’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development, while responding to the needs of families. We are committed to establish a community where, children, parents, teachers and staff will be engaged in a challenging and joyful environment that encourages children to learn and grow confidently. With a child-initiated play and inquiry, we will be able to negotiate our curriculum on an on-going basis. We will learn from children through documentation (observations and extensive record keeping). The use of high-quality documentation of children’s work will be displayed to enhance their learning through constant observation and sharing.


Our program is designed to broaden children’s intellectual horizons from a developmentally appropriate perspective. We will do so by: Providing a risk free, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environment. Promoting children’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. Providing children with meaningful learning experiences. Respecting each child’s unique way of learning. Maintaining children, parents, teachers and staff constantly informed of children’s learning through high quality observation, documentation and record keeping. Involving our staff in professional development on an ongoing basis. Encouraging parent participation in their children’s learning process. Increasing independence by encouraging children to tackle and solve problems. Guiding the children as they learn through discovery. Strengthening inner emotional control and growth through self-discipline. Highlighting children’s cultural backgrounds and languages. Facilitating learning through a variety of media.