Meet Our Staff

Our faculty and staff are culturally diverse and their uniqueness and specialties will enhance all children's languages. Our program is privileged to have a pedagogical team that consists of: An administrator who is in charge of orchestrating the dynamics and administration of the whole community (students, parents, teachers and staff). An “atelierista” and a "pedagogista" who work directly with the teachers and children developing specific projects and assisting them in the cultural and academic aspects of the curriculum and documentation. Our teachers and co-teachers who are constantly observing and documenting children's languages as they reflect their development. Based upon this information, they plan an Emergent Curriculum.


The “Joy of Learning” teachers and other staff members have all received the required training and are knowledgeable about how children develop and learn. Our teachers are certified and specialized in early childhood from accredited Universities. Each member of our staff holds a CDA (Child Development Associate) and is certified in CPR and First Aid. They are in compliance with the State of Florida required licenses. Our staff is involved in professional development on an ongoing basis. Our teachers are scheduled to meet regularly for a study group and sharing session.





Violet Purple







Lake Green





Sea Blue




Rita Rodriguez

Nationality: Cuban


Favorite Book: Brown Bear By Eric Carle


Favorite Moments as a teacher:

I Love to dance with my children


Astrid Matos



Nationality: Venezolana.

Favorite Book: “ Bwown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:

When I see the smile on a child ‘s face and all the progress they have made during the school year





























Corn Yellow








Apple Red




Christina Perez



Nationality: Cuban-American


Favorite Book: "Harold & The Purple Caryon". By Crockett Johnson.


Favorite Moments as a teacher:

When a child is connected and engaged in a new discovery, I am fascinated with being able to provide the children with more information so they can keep discovering and gaining knowledge.




Jessica Sanchez



Nationality: Venezuelan

Favorite Book: Any book that I read to my children becomes my favorite one.

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:

My favorite moment as a teacher is when I can take advantage of my children’s uniqueness to help them improve their intellectual, social and emotional skills “to make” a positive impact in their lives.























Grass Green




Aimee Gonzalez



Nationality: Puerto Rico

Favorite Book: “The Giving Tree".

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:

My favorite moments as a teacher are watching the kids come to school every day with a huge smile on their face. Listening to them gives me an oppotunity to learn from them and become a better teacher for them. Hearing them say they love me gives me reassurance that I'm meeting their needs which makes me feel that I'm doing a good job.




Pre K3



Sky Blue



Paula Luzzi Panno



Nationality: Argentinean.

Favorite Book: “The Adventure of Harold and the purple caryon”. By Crockett Johnson.

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:
I really enjoy sharing assembly time with my students every morning, singing songs and dramatizing with them


Andrea Muñoz



Nationality: Mexican

Favorite Book: "The Giving Tree".

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:
When a child randomly comes to me and says “I love you teacher”, “ I missed you teacher”, or comes and hugs me those sings of appreciation are princess!


























Tree Green



Julieta Fayos



Nationality: Argentinean

Favorite Book: “The little Prince”.

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:
Not just my favorite but enchanting moments as a teacher is when I am in any given place and I hear a little voice from somewhere calling “Teacher Julie!” and that voice comes from ten year-old children that make me realize that I will remain in their lifes forever as they will be in mine.

Sara Cruz



Nacionality: Colombian

Favorite Book: “The Keeping Quilt” By Patricia Polanco.

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:

When I reflect about our day and realize that even in the most ordinary moment I had the opportunity to make a possitve impact in a child’s life forever.


















Sun Yellow



Ilka Sanchez



Nationality: Mexican

Favorite Book: "The Giving Tree".

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:

Observing a child during an investigation and the discoveries.
Observing a child while exploring and looking for different ways to find a solution or an answer.
Observing a child after providing a provocation (to see the facial expression w/o words)

Vanessa Bernardini



Nationality: Venezuelan-American


Favorite Book: “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?”


Favorite Moments as a teacher:

Noticing the children’s interest and attention to something; such as when I’m reading a book to them, just the way they are listening warily and asking questions with such curiosity.




Pre K4



Heart Red




Mara Gonzalez



Nationality: Cuban- American.

Favorite Book: “No David"

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:
When I Interact and communicate with the children
























Frog Green



Karla Blanco



Nationality: Nicaragua

Favorite Book: "The Grouchy Ladybug". By Eric Carle.

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:
One of my favorite moments as a teacher was when one of my little girl’s at school told me “Mrs. Karla, you aren’t done growing yet, because I can reach your shoulder….You still have more to grow! Yes, I am 5’0, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t grown at all for at least 5 years! Cute moments to remember.

Mayte Roque



Nationality: Cuban

Favorite Book: “The Giving Tree” and “Oh, The Places you’ll Go”

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:
My favorite moment as a teacher is to see the progress of my students and their enthusiasm when they learn something new, and the happy faces when you praise them and encourage them.


























Watermelon Red




Helen Guiulfo  



Nationality: American

Favorite Book: “A Busy Years” By Leo Leonni.

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:

When I came back from maternity leave a student….with her eyes full of tears, looked me and asked me not to have another baby, because she did not want me to leave again.



Olga Bravo   



Nationality: Colombian

Favorite Book: "Un Bolsillo para Corduroy".

Favorite Moments as a Teacher:
Cuando logro ver en ellos la atencion, no en mi sino en el ambiente, jugando, haciendo, decubriendo, explorando, compartiendo, y lograr haciendolo con felicidad. Y esa sonrisa que logro cada vez que entro a su salon y todos dicen “Olguitaaaaaa……” y la emocion que siento cada vez que hago una exploracion con ellos.



















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