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It's a collaborate work wherein we are encouraging the children, parents and teachers to come together as a community and explore; to become curious, to be interested as they contemplate the vast possibilities of who they are…could be…would like to be, by expressing themselves through all their available means, words, drawing, painting, collage, clay, plaster….all their resources, remembering always that communication is not limited to words.


Who am I?


Is a simple question in an effort to understand the inner world of a child, a child full of imagination, unique and priceless. Using this question as a starting point of the conversation, we will be able to disclose dreams, fears, and possible activities that the child visualizes. 
Any of these components should be materialized in a MASK, helping the child to interact with different sides of his/her personality and understand his/her value and uniqueness within the world he/she inhabits.

Questioning is also a vital activity. Questioning promotes creativity, social networking and curiosity and it is by questioning that the child, within this activity, will interact with his/her parents, family, friends and other people as he searches for his own self. Perhaps ultimately realizing by the end of this activity, that we are all different and that each one is unique and at the same time similar to others around us.





-Letter posted in the Reggio List Serv by Carolyn Steinhoff Smith
-What is The New Literacy? by Susan Rich Sheridan
-What Does Research Say About Early Childhood Education? by S.
-Bredekamp, R.A. Knuth, L.G. Kunesh, and D.D. Shulman
-The Reggio Inspired Approach, by Dr. Rebecca Isbell
-What Parents Can Do To Promote Sensory Integration In Their Child
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-Education by Lilian G. Katz and Sylvia C. Chard
-Encouraging Creativity by Evelyn Petersen /Parent Talk
-The Reggio Emilia Approach (Fragment) by Amy Sussna Klein, Ed. D.



Professional Development


“Uniting Forces, Creating Meaningful Changes”
The impact of the Reggio Emilia philosophy in today’s society.  Stories of Reggio Inspired Schools from North and South America. Hosted by L’Atelier and presented by Amelia Gambetti, who was an educator in the Reggio Emilia Municipal Preschools for 25 years and has led several professional development initiatives in Italy and abroad.  She was one of the Reggio Emilia coordinators of the Research Project with Project Zero, Harvard.  She is pedagogical consultant to many Schools, Universities and Colleges in
North American.


Drilling Down Into Collaboration:
Early Learning Curriculum Learning Communities”
Erika Yano from Heart Red attended this conference




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